Webcasting & Live Events

Live Video

Open Doors and Opportunities with Secure Webcasts

Webcasting is now one of the most common ways for businesses and institutions to conduct business virtually. Whether your brand is looking to connect with clients, conduct internal business or host industry conference events, secure webcasts are the way to go.

Imagine being able to communicate a message or host a flawless event with ease. At Ironcloud Digital Media Productions we operate a partnership of industry professionals who have the skills and expertise to make your webcasting and live events a success We’ve curated a selective group of talented industry professionals who create, produce and execute live digital events for all audiences and purposes.

Feed the Need for Digital Content

Ironcloud Digital Media Productions works with educational institutions, companies of all sizes, and people all over the world to facilitate professional live streaming. There are many benefits of streaming live content for instant consumption:

  • Engage your current customer base and foster brand loyalty
  • Attract new customers and audiences
  • Familiarize customers with your brand
  • Share your brand’s core values
  • Foster thought leadership within your industry
  • Educate and inspire audiences
    Host meetings, brainstorming sessions and live events
  • And much more!

At Ironcloud Digital Media Productions, our network of digital media experts specialize in:

  • Live webcasting
  • Live video broadcasting
  • Live event webcasting
  • Live streaming services

All the branded events that we host ensure you have full control. We can even incorporate previously produced video content seamlessly into your live stream or webcast.


Wow Your Audiences

Have you ever attended a live, digital event that blew you away and left you thinking “I wonder how they did that?” Our webcasts and live events are designed to do just that, and can include a number of features, such as:

  • Motion graphics
  • Animated logos
  • Lower-third title bars
  • Live video windows
  • Speaker bios
  • Branded registration pages
  • Test pages at registration
  • Synchronized slide windows
  • Video recording
  • Teleconference incorporation
  • Live event and promotional tours
  • Live polls
  • Q&A windows
  • Chat windows
  • Resource library tabs
  • Exit surveys
  • Audience reports
  • Archives
  • Live tech support to ensure a problem-free meeting
  • Other professional techniques

Go Full Throttle with Safe & Secure Digital Events

The world is changing at lightning speed and we can help your organization change with it by staying ahead of visual technology trends. Today’s businesses are more digital-heavy than ever before. Live digital events are a safe and efficient way to meet your goals, whether you want to convey an important business message, deliver instructional content, engage your existing customer base or find and connect with new audiences.

Providing secure webcasts and live streaming services is a critical priority for our team. We have the skills, tools and passion to create a branded event that:

  • Is hosted on secure Canadian servers
  • Offers secure and private live chat functionality
  • Is geared to audiences of all sizes (we can control audience size and access when necessary)
  • Integrates with social media
  • Provides reliable and flawless live video

Enjoy the Simplicity of Online Meetings and Events

In a world where face-to-face interactions are few and far between, live webcasting and events are a safe way to foster connection and understanding. Whether you’re bringing people together locally, nationally or globally do so knowing that timing, interactivity and technology are taken care of for you. At Ironcloud we provide exceptional personal experiences without the necessity of being there physically. Imagine the possibilities of connecting organizers, presenters and audiences from anywhere with ease and comfort! Contact us and spark your digital success.